Pillar 3

Equipment Reliability

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Al Ali, Husain   Operational Excellence in the Maintenance & Reliability Fields Click here
Andrews, Michael   Implementing FRACAS in the Biotech Industry Click here
Armstrong, Nick      
  Industry 4.0: From Predictive Maintenance to Asset Intelligence Click here
Asquini, Mike   Reliability: Implementing a Performance Management Culture Click here
Ballentine, Jason   How to Prevent Maintenance Strategy Deterioration and Manage Risk Click here
Berry, Kevin   Using Return On Investment Metrics To Grow Your Maintenance & Reliability Program Click here
Bishop, Rob   Effective KPIs Click here
Bofilios, Johnny   Paradigm Shift Strategy for Asset Management Analytics Click here
Brooks, Dane   Cause & Effect: Root Cause Failure Analysis for #46 Loader Boom Failure Click here
Brooks, Dane   The Road of Cloud-Based Condition Monitoring Services in Reliability Management Click here
Bukowitz, David   The Future of Predictive Technology Click here
Ganaway, John   Continuous Vibration Monitoring Pilot Lessons Learned Click here
Gulati, Ramesh   2016 BoK Webinar Series: Pillar 3 - Equipment Reliability Click here
Hollis, Sean   TOSC Pharmacy: The Best Lubrication Program Click here
Kovacevik, James   PM Optimization: Integrating Lean into Your Maintenance Strategy Click here
Lafferty, David   Industrial Internet of Things and Enhanced Reliability Click here
Latino, Ken   How Mobile Field Data Collection Can Improve Asset Performance Click here
Lauria, Joe   Vibration's Role in IIoT Click here
Lehner, Ahren   How Proper Grouting Practices Increase MTBF Click here
Luedeking, Alan   Alignment Standards & The Reliability Workflow Click here
Mattson, Josh   Developing & Implementing an Effective Lubrication and Ultrasound Program Click here
McGarrigle, Mac   The Blueprint for Asset Safety, Efficiency & Profitability Click here
Messer, Adrian   Best Practices for Condition Monitoring with Ultrasound Click here
Messer, Adrian    Ultrasonic Condition Based Maintenance:Past, Present & Future Click here
Messer, Adrian   Asset Remote Monitoring Considerations Using Ultrasound  Click here
Mikolajcik, Stephen   Proactive Maintenance Underground at Cargill’s Cleveland Mine Click here
Moore, Ron   A Reliable Operation is a Safe Operation is a Cost Effective Operation Part One Click here
Moore, Ron   A Reliabile Operation is a Safe Operation is a Cost Effective Operation - Part Two Click here
Naik, Manjish & Saetia, Kittipong   CMMS Data Quality Improvement Best Practices Work Process Click here
Nicholas, Jack   Multi-tiered Asset Condition Monitoring Programs Now and in the Future Click here
O'Connor, Sean & Adline, Shawn   Breathing New Life into an Existing PdM Program Click here
Oldach, Jim & Solomon, JD   Asset Prioritization Click here
Overman, Rich   Reliability Centered Asset Management Click here
Penrose, Howard   Electrical Signature Analysis of Electric Motor Systems Click here
Penrose, Howard   Electrical Motor Diagnostics for Energy and Reliability of Motor Driven Systems Click here
Reeves, Rich   Metrics Webinar Series: Emergency Downtime Monitoring Click here
Reimer, Ron   Global Reliability Program for Equipment Reliability Click here
Rodgers, Warren   Nova Scotia Power Asset Management Journey Click here
Rodgers, Warren   Nova Scotia Power Equipment Integrity through PdM and RBI Click here
Schultz, Carl   An Introduction to IR/T Infrared Thermography Click here
Smith, Tracy   Content: The Missing Ingredient in the Recipe for Producing Great Asset Information Click here
Smith, Tracy   Problem - Failure - Action Codes- Optimize Your RCM Initiative! Click here
Srilla, Bhanu   Importance of Risk Assessment and Risk Control Hierarchy in Electrical Safety Programs: NFPA 70E Click here
Szidarovszky, Miklós   Fundamentals of RAM Analysis Click here
von Plate, Moritz   Gathering the Right Information for Predictive Maintenance Click here
Willems, Alex   RCM Implementation – Think BIG start small Click here
Wilson, Jerry   Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, levers for real change Click here
Wiseman, David   Availability Analysis and Design Selection Using Monte Carlo Click here
Wodrich, Rudy   Enhancing Electrical Maintenance Surveillance Click here



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