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Body of Knowledge Webinar Series Pillar #4 – Leadership & Management 

March 16, 2021 at 1 p.m. ET

Speaker: Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP
Pillar 4, Leadership and Organization, is about determining the organizational asset management requirements and analyzing current capability against those requirements. It also includes creating the right organizational structure and developing personnel to fully fill their roles. Finally, Pillar 4 discusses topics such as developing leadership skills, assessing performance, promoting a cooperative work environment and facilitating communication.
Thomas Moriarty, President of Alidade MER, Inc. will guide attendees through maintenance and reliability goals in relation to Pillar #4 of SMRP's Body of Knowledge. This webinar series provides an overview of the key elements that make up the SMRP Body of Knowledge. 

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An introduction to Lifecycle Costing - Total Cost of Ownership

March 31, 2021 at 11 A.M. ET

Speaker: Michel Aubuchon, CMRP
Profitability through reliability - Every industry has its unique challenges. But virtually, all industries share the goals of increased machine uptime, reduced maintenance, improved safety, energy savings, and lower total cost of ownership. With expertise in a wide range of disciplines and decades of experience as a technical partner to both equipment manufacturers and end-users in every major industry, SCAC is delivering not just products, but total integrated solutions that help customers achieve their goals. 
Michel Aubuchon, President of SCAC Consulting Inc with extensive managerial and technical responsibilities in complex, fast-paced environments within the oil & Gas, aviation, utilities, logistics, I.T. and petro­chemical industries. Provided leadership for up to 300 engineers, technicians and journeymen. Skilled in providing training as well as developing quality assurance, environmental, health and safety, production, marketing, supply chain and financial reporting processes. 

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Body of Knowledge Webinar Series Upcoming Dates: 

April 13, 2021 – Pillar 5, Work Management




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