Organization & People

Company Title   Course Hours
IDCON Shutdown Turnaround Optimization Program (S-TOP)   12


People & Processes Maintenance and Reliability for Managers - 4 Part Series   84
  Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices   21
  Maintenance Leadership and Supervision   21
  Maintenance Planning and Scheduling   21
  Root Cause Failure Analysis Facilitators Course   70
  Storeroom and Materials Management   21


UE Systems Technology Implementation 2.5 Day Course   20


Nexus Global Planning & Scheduling   18
  Asset Integrity Management   18
  Shutdown Turnaround Outage (STO)   18


Life Cycle Institute Reliability Excellence for Managers Session One   18


Alidade MER, Inc. Getting Traction Through Productive Leadership   16


Eduardo Calixto Asset Integrity Management (Process Industry and Railway)   16
  Asset Management (Process Industry and Railway)   16
  Human Reliability Analysis (HRA)   16


Marshall Institute The Advanced Diploma in Maintenance and Reliability Management   120
  Maximizing Asset Reliability through Preventative Maintenance (PPM)   18
  Maintenance Planning & Scheduling (MPS)   18
  Materials Management for Maintenance (MSC)   18
  Supervising Maintenance (SUP)   18
  TPM/TPR Coordinator's Workshop (TPM-TPR-TTT)   30
  Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage Optimization   18

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