Metrics Webinar Series

Understanding Maintenance Unit Cost and Replacement Asset Value

Presenter: Paul Dufresne, CLS, CMRP, CMRT, CPMM, CRL

February 13, 2018

During this webinar we will review Metrics 1.3 – Maintenance Unit Cost and Metric 1.5 – Maintenance Cost as a Percent of Replacement Asset Value.

Maintenance cost as a percent of Replacement Asset Value (RAV) is the universal benchmark measure of operating asset performance success. We plan to show how to effectively use this data to assist in supporting better business decisions for your organization.

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Availability, OEE and Uptime

Presenter: Darrin Wikoff

March 20, 2018

In this webinar, we will explore Availability, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and Uptime in order to define the metrics used by Reliability and Maintenance Professionals to quantify and evaluate asset performance in terms of value.

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Emergency Downtime Monitoring

Presenter: Rich Reeves, CMRP, CSP

April 26, 2018

If you have ever struggled to quantify needed improvements and show the reliability and maintenance project successes, this is the webinar you’ve been waiting for. Finance says it has to be in dollars, Plant Manager says to report in hours of Downtime, the Department Manager just wants to see the information by line. How do you show everyone what they need without driving yourself and your staff crazy?

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Leveraging Planning and Scheduling to Minimize Rework

Presenter: Rob Bishop, CMRP, CRL

May 17, 2018

This webinar will review the Rework KPI and explain how proper planning and scheduling supports success with this KPI. The key elements of planning and scheduling will be reviewed, and their influence on success with the Rework KPI explored. We hope to deliver justification for implementing or formalizing your program and making rework an anomaly.  

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Understanding the Importance and Value of Improving Reactive Rework

Presenter: Paul Dufresne, CLS, CMRP, CMRT, CPMM, CRL

June 28, 2018

During this webinar we will review Metric 5.4.1 – Reactive Work, and how when using this metric and leveraging other maintenance and reliability best practices you can understand the impact reactive work has on your maintenance costs.

We plan to deliver information to show that there must be balance and adequate resources to execute all aspects of the maintenance function that will help keep you focused on your maintenance and reliability goals. 

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Linking Best Practice Metrics to Your Company's Priorities and Goals

Presenter: Mike Raible, CRE, CMRP

July 19, 2018

Metrics are essential to an Asset Management Program. They enable companies to properly focus resources and optimize asset performance to advance Company goals and priorities. This presentation will show how the SMRP Best Practice Metrics can be used to support these key initiatives, linking shop floor performance to an organization’s business objectives. 

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