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Problem-Failure-Action Codes - Optimize Your RCM Initiative! 

Presenter: Tracy Smith

February 19, 2019

The presentation is about Reliability Codes. Specifically, the use of problem-failure-action codes to improve asset reliability and reduce asset management risks. The development and prioritization of asset classes is discussed and sample problem, failure, action codes are reviewed.

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Medición del Desempeño de la Gestión de Mantenimiento y Confiabilidad en el BoK de la SMRP 

Presenter: Victor Manriquez

February 26, 2019

En este webinar trataré las recomendaciones del Bok en Mantenimiento & Confiabilidad de la SMRP para la medición del desempeño:

  • Importancia de la medición del desempeño
  • Qué medir y como medirlo
  • Indicadores principales e históricos (Leading and lagging)
  • Indicadores estandarizados por pilar del BoK
  • Otros sistemas de indicadores
  • Indicadores Globales de Mantenimiento y Confiabilidad.
  • Benchmarking de indicadore

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Root Cause Analysis: Driving Bottom Line Improvement by Preventing One Failure at a Time

Presenter: Susan Lubell

March 13, 2019

Many maintenance and reliability staff are so busy fixing problems that they never get the chance to prevent them. In a reactive work environment, there is simply no time to spare. Root cause analysis (RCA) gives us an easy-to-implement approach to preventing failures that integrate with our current troubleshooting efforts and drives bottom-line business improvement. We can make our workplaces safer by reducing the number of unexpected failures, which will then result in improving our business performance, increasing our facility’s throughput and reducing the money spent on repairs – straight to the bottom line.

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NFPA70E 2018 Update - Implications for CBM Data Collection

Presenter: Rudy Wodrich

March 25, 2019

Significant changes were made to the NFPA70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace document in the edition published in early 2018. This presentation breaks down the changes with the intent to provide a practical guide for how Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) inspection data collection is impacted.

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CMMS Data Quality Improvement Best Practices Work Process

Presenter: Manjish Naik, Kittipong Saetia

March 26, 2019

Data quality is a highly crippling yet very common issue at most process industries. We will discuss some common data quality issues, ways to resolve them, and a work process of best practices that should be implemented to improve data quality. 

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Key Programs to Achieve Reliability Excellence

Presenter: Obaidullah Syed

April 9, 2019

The presentation begins by explaining the history of how Reliability Engineering evolved , what resources we have today for Reliability, and how a company can evaluate itself on what level of Reliability it currently has. I will then share a list of some Reliability programs that a company can adopt to achieve Reliability Excellence.

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7 Habits of a Highly Effective Maintenance Leader

Presenter: Ricky Smith

May 1, 2019

In Maintenance Management, whether a manager or supervisor it is critical to follow habits proven to be effective. In this presentation, I will provide the 7 Habits of an Effective Maintenance Leader based on my experience working with hundreds of leaders around the world, the best of the best and many who struggle every day.

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