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 Access to membership directory
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 Access to regional chapter events
 Scholarship opportunities for members and  children
 Complimentary access to Shared Interest Groups  (SIGs)
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$150 value

$150 value

$150 value
 Complimentary job posting(s) Member Single Job Posting (1)
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Reliability Career Package (10)
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 Access to SMRP Library
 Receive member rate discount on certification  exam
 Sustaining Sponsorship  
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$1,000 value

$1,000 value
 Complimentary access to Live and On Demand  webinars
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 Receive member rate on Annual Conference  registration
 Receive additional $20 off Annual Conference  registration  
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 Complimentary Bag Insert Sponsorship      
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 Industry Partner ribbon on name badge
 Complimentary access to Solutions digital magazine (bi-  monthly)
 Complimentary advertising in Solutions magazine   1/4 page (1x)
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1/2 page (1x)
$1,150 value
Full page (3x)
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 Executive Member Spotlight in Solutions  magazine      
 Recognized in SMRP monthly newsletter one (1) time 
 Delta Airlines 10% discounts on flights to SMRP  events
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