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SMRP encourages individuals to form affiliated chapters to help grow membership and to promote and advance maintenance, reliability and physical asset management at the local level. Offering networking, education and leadership opportunities, SMRP Chapters provide career development for professionals at every point in their career.

If an SMRP Chapter is not currently established in your area, please consider starting a chapter. Please review all of the information below and use the attached documents to begin the process.

Initial Chapter Formation Process

  • Complete the Chapter Formation Interest Form
    • Only an SMRP member in good standing may begin the chapter formation process
    • SMRP staff will review the interest form and then notify petitioner with next steps 
  • Hold an Initial Interest Meeting
    • SMRP staff will provide petitioner with contact information of members in the proposed chapter’s geographical area
    • In addition to this list, petitioner should contact any other potential new member
    • At the meeting, collect a minimum of 20 signatures on the Chapter Formation Petition representing individuals interested in participating in the Chapter
    • Request volunteers for a Steering Committee (up to five) and have them sign the Volunteer Leader Commitment form
  • Draft and adopt Chapter Bylaws signed by the Steering Committee
  • Submit the following documents to SMRP staff:
    • Chapter Formation Petition
    • Chapter Bylaws
    • Letter of Chapter Formation Request
  • SMRP staff will submit the documents to the Board of Directors, who will then vote on the approval of the chapter

Post-Approval of Chapter Formation

  • Chapter will receive $1,000 seed money
  • Establish a permanent address (PO Box is recommended)
  • Complete form SS-4 at to apply for a Federal Tax ID number
  • Apply for your state’s Articles of Incorporation as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization
  • Open a chapter bank account
    • Chapter will receive an additional $500 once all of the above steps have been completed and all necessary paperwork has been received by SMRP staff
  • Hold an official Grand Opening Meeting
    • Members vote on ballot of officers and directors
    • Appoint Chairs for each committee as determined by the Steering Committee

Chapter Formation Resources

Minimum Bylaws
Presentation for Initial Interest Meeting
Chapter Affiliation Agreement

Contact SMRP Headquarters for more information:
800-950-7354 or

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