GSMR Agreement

As part of SMRP’s continued work toward global standardization of maintenance, reliability and physical asset management best practices, we are pleased to announce a new agreement with the Gulf Society for Maintenance and Reliability (GSMR). GSMR’s membership is heavily centered within the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, which presents a unique opportunity for SMRP members to learn best practices from their members. GSMR and SMRP will co-host a webinar later this year addressing industry topics. Additionally, SMRP will be recognized as a global partner at MAINTCON 2018 – the annual Middle Eastern Maintenance and Reliability Conference held in Bahrain from November 25 – 28, 2018. 

GSMR members will receive: 

About GSMR:

GSMR is a leading nonprofit organization providing specialized training and certification to pave the way for excellence in maintenance and reliability. GSMR’s objective is to deliver top quality training programs, courses, seminars and workshops for the benefit of maintenance professionals, managers and technical personnel in various industries throughout the Arabian Gulf. Moreover, the society creates opportunities for networking amongst its members and with other professionals in the region and throughout the world.


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