Why Certify?

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Validate your knowledge and abilities in ‎maintenance, reliability, and physical asset ‎management ‎by adding the ‎leading credentials in the profession to your resume.‎ Prove that you ‎have the skills ‎needed to protect your ‎company’s bottom line.

Passing our rigorous exams and adding CMRP or CMRT to your title assures your ‎competency in the maintenance, reliably, and physical asset management profession. ‎For this reason, many employers use SMRPCO certifications as a prerequisite for hiring ‎employees. ‎

Gain instant credibility - apply for your CMRP or CMRT today!

Certification Advantages

Preferred Hiring

55% of recent surveyed M&R professionals said they would be more likely to hire someone who has a SMRP certification.

Career Advancement

Recently surveyed CMRPs and CMRTs noted that on average their salaries increased by 8% due to gaining a SMRP certification.

ANAB Accredited

The CMRP certification complies with ISO 17024, which is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) formerly known as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Corporate Savings

62% of organizations leaders indicate that employing a SMRP certificant has improved their company’s operational metrics.


See what others have to say about our certification programs

Manuel Lombardero
Manuel Lombardero-CMRP, CMRT

I didn’t truly understand the benefits of the certification until after I had the initials next ‎to my name. I gained instant credibility both within my organization and outside of it. I ‎quickly noticed that people wanted to hear, and trusted, what I had to say.” ‎

John Helwig
John Helwig-CMRP

My CMRP certification sets me apart from other asset management professionals, has ‎‎given me credibility, and has attracted the attention of my current employer and other ‎‎prospective employers‎.

Sheila Kennedy
Sheila Kennedy-CMRP

For me, as a female in a male-dominated field, being a CMRP is a time saver and opens ‎new doors because the credential conveys my proficiency in maintenance and reliability ‎topics‎.

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