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Renewing Your Individual SMRP Membership

SMRP has upgraded to a new database for certification, membership, and education management. This upgrade brings an improved, user-friendly system that simplifies processes for making purchases and managing your contact information. To access these features and renew, all users are required to authenticate their account in the new SMRP Portal by following the process outlined here if you have not already. This process only needs to be completed the first time you login. 

Step 1:   Navigate to the New SMRP Portal . You will see a dialog box that looks like the below.

Please don't enter your login details or click on "Don't remember your password" if you have not logged in to the new system. Just skip the "Log In" tab and click on "Set Up an Account". Or, if you have already set up your account once, you can enter your login information and click "Login". If you need to review the directions on authenticating your account you can click here.


Step 2:
Renew in your profile

  • Once you are in your profile , go to the “Membership” tab from the top menu navigation.
  • Once you are in your profile , go to the “Membership” tab from the top menu navigation.
  • Verify or fill out if you would like to add your chapter, and please enter or verify your contact and demographic information. Then click the blue "Next" when complete. Once you reach the last page of information, click "Save Changes".
  • Then click on "Add Credit or Debit card". Enter your payment information and click "Process"

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] we will be glad to help. Thank you!

Renewing for an Organization as a Primary Contact

Step 1: Log into your membership portal account by navigating to

  • Click on "Membership" and select "Join/Renew"
  • If you see the message "There are no application processes available to you at this time," after navigating to this screen, either:

a) You are not the designated Primary and/or Billing Contact, the only roles with permissions to complete the renewal application and process organizational payments. If you are not sure who is currently designated for these roles in your organization, contact staff at [email protected] for assistance.

b) You are (or are one of) the Primary of Billing Contacts and the renewal application has already been completed. Navigate to "My Profile" then "My Financial Overview" to review the status of your membership balance payment history.

  • You will first be prompted through a short review of your organization's saved information. Please take a moment to ensure all required information is accurate and up to date. Click "Save Changes" to proceed to the next screen.

Step 2:
Confirm Membership Types

  • Select your membership type from the dropdown menu.
  • Select "Next" to proceed to the payment screen.
  • Choose the employees you would like to add to receive benefits under your organizational membership based on the tier you selected (Basic up to 5 employees, Enhanced 6-25, Super 26-50, Premium 51+). If you would like to add an employee you don't see listed, please click on "Add Someone Not Listed" at the bottom. Once all employees are selected, click "Next".

Step 3: Pay for Your Membership

  • To pay now, and complete your dues renewal, choose "Add a credit or debit card" or choose from a saved card on file. When entering a new card, please ensure the correct billing address is selected. If it does not appear in the dropdown, choose the option "Use another address". Please also ensure you have entered 4 digits for the expiration year of your credit/debit card. For example, if your card expires in October 2025, enter 10/2025. Upon processing, you will be able to access a copy of this invoice and receipt on your "My Financial Overview" page. 
  • To pay later via ACH/wire or check, choose the option to "Bill [Organization Name]" to generate a pro-forma invoice to your account. After completing the membership order, you may download a copy of your receipt by selecting "My Profile" then "My Financial Overview". Or, you may complete the payment by credit card at any time by accessing "My Profile" the "Make a Payment". Please contact staff at [email protected] for wire, check, or ACH information. 

*Please note: Memberships are only active once payment is complete.