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Changes to the CMRT Exam Upcoming in 2021

SMRPCO is proud to announce upcoming changes to the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician exam.  

Why is the CMRT exam changing in 2021?

The jobs of maintenance and reliability technicians have changed over time, so the CMRT exam is adjusting accordingly. Additionally, as SMRPCO pursues ANAB 17024 accreditation for the CMRT, these updates will help ensure that the exam is fair, valid and reliable.

How were the changes developed?

SMRPCO conducted a thorough evaluation to update the CMRT exam. To prepare, a group of subject matter experts conducted a practice analysis and reviewed the skills required of CMRTs. Then, past and present CMRTs participated in a survey of job tasks. Using the accumulated results, experts adjusted the CMRT content outline. 

When do these changes go into effect? 

The updated CMRT exam will be published on August 5, 2021.

What are the changes to the updated CMRT exam?


  CMRT Exam BEFORE August 5, 2021

  CMRT Exam ON or AFTER August 5, 2021

  Current content outline

  Updated content outline

  175 questions

  100 active questions & 10 pre-test questions

  3 hours

  2.5 hours


The most important changes to the CMRT exam are related to subject matter updates. The new content outline was adjusted to reflect recent professional advancements and anticipate future trends.

The exam now includes 100 active questions and 10 pre-test questions. These are multiple-choice questions with four possible answers and only one correct answer. Additionally, the updated CMRT exam will allow examinees to have two and one-half (2.5) hours to complete the closed-book exam.

Does this affect how I should prepare to take the CMRT exam? 

If you’re planning to take the CMRT exam before August 5, 2021, continue to prepare using the current exam content outline.

If you’re planning to take the CMRT exam on or after August 5, 2021, use the updated exam content outline

In an effort to remain impartial to the certification process, SMRPCO does not offer or endorse exam preparatory courses or materials. However, SMRP’s education program offers several ways to learn about topics relevant to the CMRT exam.The updated CMRT exam will be published on August 8, 2021.

If I want to take the exam, should I take it before or after the update?

The updates to the CMRT exam do not affect the difficulty of the exam. Therefore, whether you take the current or updated version of the exam does not matter. 

Will this affect my recertification if I already passed the CMRT exam?

No. The recertification process remains unchanged. If you are already a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician, click here for more details about recertification.