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2022 Emerging Leader Summit

The 2022 SMRP Emerging Leader Summit is an exclusive event for SMRP members with 3-10 years of workplace experience to gain the skills necessary to advance to supervisory roles. During the five-day event, attendees will learn valuable lessons about change management, leadership principles and management styles. 

With the Emerging Leader Summit, SMRP is investing in the next generation of leaders in the maintenance, reliability and physical asset management profession. The event will be offered at no cost to invited attendees. Applications are open to all SMRP members in the appropriate career stage. After the application deadline, SMRP will review the submissions and invite approximately 20 selected attendees. Take the next step in your career!

Apply now!

Application Deadline: November 30, 2021

2022 Emerging Leader Summit Date: March 21-25, 2022

Who is the ideal Emerging Leader Summit attendee?

What they lack in experience, they make up for in potential. The Emerging Leader Summit is designed for less experienced, high-potential professionals in the SMRP community with 3-10 years of workplace experience, offering the important tools, visibility and network to pursue SMRP’s mission of developing and promoting excellence in maintenance, reliability and physical asset management.

Event Format and Agenda

Because SMRP aims to make the 2022 Emerging Leader Summit a valuable experience, the event agenda will be tailored to the participants’ careers, job roles and more. This will allow for the desired intimate, interactive and personalized experience. The final event agenda will be distributed to invited attendees prior to the event.

Potential Topics

  • Becoming a better manager
  • What’s impacting the M&R profession now
  • Making the business case for a reliability program and dealing with resistance
  • Managing change, projects and people
  • Handling remote work environments
  • Leading innovation
  • Ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Solving problems in real scenarios
  • Preventing and responding to cybersecurity threats
  • Utilizing IIoT
  • Processing data to make decisions

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