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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: James Schuler

James Schuler has dedicated two decades of his career to advancing aerospace engineering and contract manufacturing. Beginning his professional career as a journeyman machinist, James quickly rose through the ranks due to his innovative mindset and technical acumen. His early years were defined by contributions to systems such as the Mars Lander and Rover missions, F-22 Raptor, and numerous technological systems operating on the International Space Station. This success propelled him into leadership roles within a top aerospace firm, where he oversaw multimillion-dollar projects and fostered collaboration between engineering teams and manufacturing.

As James’ career progressed, he became a sought-after consultant known for his expertise in aerospace manufacturing and continuous improvement strategies. His ability to streamline processes and implement cutting-edge technologies not only enhanced production capabilities but also significantly reduced costs and time-to-market for critical aerospace components. Beyond his technical prowess, James is renowned for his leadership in fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within his teams. His legacy is marked not only by his contributions to pioneering technological advancements but also by the mentorship and inspiration he provides to the next generation of aerospace engineers and machinists.